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Pittsburgh Auto Depot

Owner and C.E.O of Pittsburgh Auto Depot Inc. Firas Khalil grew up as any normal teenager would. Firas’s main hobbies were cars, car stereo systems, and rims. He worked as a pizza delivery driver for years to save up enough money to support his interest in cars. His first car (bought used) was a 1987 Camero IRoc 2. He personally put a lot of work into his Camero from sanding and painting it to adding custom wheels.

Over time, he became skillful in making cars look better, so he quit his job as a delivery driver to detail cars on Saw Mill Run Blvd. With this experience, he began to gain even more interest in cars and developed a niche for vehicle improvements. After detailing cars for a year, he began working at his father's mechanic shop with his two older brothers, which provided car repair services. Together with his brothers they decided to partner and turn the mechanic shop into a car dealership which also provided service. This move proved to be successful, but he later realized he was destined for a different path. They split apart and from there, he realized that he did want to stay in the car business but just was not satisfied with the way things were going. He partnered up with a buddy detailing and fixing up older cars to sell them wholesale at the auction.

After approximately a year, he decided that his true passion was in the retail end of car sales. He eventually saved enough money to rent a small car lot on Saw Mill Run BLVD. From here is when it all started. He was able to buy and sell approximately 10 cars a month. This was not possible without the help of his long-time girlfriend Jillian who happened to quit her waitress job to aid him with the paperwork involved in all of the sales transactions. This went on for about a year when they became determined to become successful.

Wanting to expand their passion, they decided to rent a larger lot that would be able to generate more sales. So in 1999 they finally opened PITTSBURGH AUTO DEPOT INC. After becoming a staple figure in the car business, and offering customer satisfaction for a few growing years, they began to notice a large pool of customers who couldn't afford to purchase vehicles with out financing options. Therefore, they decided to offer special financing to those customers who had less than perfect or no credit history. This business decision proved to not only boost their business to unstoppable heights, but also helped customers rebuild their damaged relationship with the credit companies. Customers were grateful, as were Firas and Jillian for the outpour of demand for these types of special payment options. As their business grew so did their love for each other, they married in 2004.

With the burst of success of PITTSBURGH AUTO DEPOT INC, they decided that they wanted to build their dream car lot, which would include more lot space and state of the art showroom to display their favorite cars. In 2007, they bought land on Saw Mill Run Blvd and transferred their business to a trailer while their new facility was being built. In December 2008, the showroom was complete and they moved into their new establishment. Now they are able to have the space that is needed to create a super store offering over 150 vehicles that are retail ready. Currently SPECIALIZING in GUARANTEED FINANCING for everyone. Being the largest used car lot on Saw Mill run BLVD they have assembled a team of 16 professionals to guarantee customer satisfaction. With a sales staff that includes a combined 50 years of special financing experience. All vehicles are ran through the brand new repair facility that was finished being built in 2011. In-between all of the construction, they purchased another car lot on Saw Mill Run Blvd which is tailored to those customers who are interested in purchasing with cash options. As you can see, Firas and Jillian worked tremendously hard to bring a sense of achievement to their goals and continue to aspire for bigger and better things while taking in consideration their loyal customers. We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that they will continue to make history. Please join us!

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